Ham Radio Equipment

My portable station consists of several main components, of which I can use part of, or all of, in order to operate in different situations. The transceiver is the Electraft KX3. I can't say enough good things about this radio for portable operations. It has a full range of capabilities, and can even operate QRP on internal batteries. Paired with the optional KXPA100 Amplifier , as seen here, you can have up to 110 watts of output power.

Additionally, I use an inexpensive windows 8 inch tablet to run Ham Radio Deluxe, HDSDR (pan adapter), and N1MM for contest logging. I have the MFJ-911H Switchable Balun for connecting the amp/radio to the balanced line. I also have everything hitched up through anderson power poles for interchangeability. I further use the MFJ Battery Booster in order to run the amp at the full 100w output off of the solar batteries.

In order to protect all of the equipment during transport, I utilize a pelican case with the pullout foam interior. With a single case, I am able to hold the KX3, KXPA100, a small windows tablet, the headphones, switchable balun, and all of the cables and connectors. It is a complete portable ham radio shack in a box.

Once onsite, I simply pull out my portable foldable table, open up the case, and setup all of the equipment. This only takes about 15 minutes and I am ready to hitch up to the antenna and operate.