Remote Power

To power your remote adventures, there is nothing better than a proper solar setup. It is clean, quiet, and relatively light weight compared with generators and the associated fuel and noise. I do not come out to the desert to listen to an engine running for hours at a time. My basic system consists of two six volt trojan batteries providing twelve volts, one solar panel mounted on the roof of the cap of my truck, and two solar panels on stands I can remotely mount for the best sun exposure. With this setup I can run the radio pretty much non-stop. I also run an ARB cooler to keep all of my food cold, as well as a smaller sterling engine cooler to keep the drinks cold. Finally, I can charge batteries, my drone, and my camera all from the same system. It really delivers. Let's look at the individual pieces....

Lesson Learned:

I thought these flexible solar panels would be great for the back country, as they would be light weight, were rated for the same wattage as regular panels, and could easily be attached to things through the built in grommets. In reality, they are not very rugged at all. After only a year of light use, it began to fail and not put out full amperage. It has since been retired. I would not suggest these panels and would stick with the traditional panels.