Timelapse Videos

These are videos taken from various locations and processed into time lapse format from a Nikon DSLR. Enjoy!

Robbers Roost Sunset and Moonrise

This was taken from our campsite overlooking the Happy Canyon area in the Robbers Roost area in Utah. It is the first video I took using the 'Holy Grail' technique and qslrdashboard to control the camera. Rather than using a fixed exposure, it slowly adjusts the exposure as the sun sets, and the moon rises. Software, then smoothes this out in the finished product. This is why you can see everything from the setting sun to the clouds at night.

Snowstorm in Robbers Roost

We were camped out in the Robbers Roost area of Utah arriving late at night. In the middle of the night we awoke to a soft noise hitting the tent, that we determined to be snow. It went away after a little while, so we assumed it had stopped. In actuality, it had accumulated enough to dampen the sound, so we found ourselves in the middle of nowhere in a foot of snow. Fortunately, it warmed up over the course of the day and the snow slowly melted away. This is a timelapse of that process.

Night overlooking the San Rafael Swell

This video was taken from the top of a small mountain overlooking the northern part of the San Rafael Swell.

The Robbers Roost at Night

A short midnight to sunrise video of the night sky in the Robbers Roost area of Utah